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I'm Philip

Industrial Engineer

Aspiring Developer

Proud Environmentalist

Hey, I'm Philip. I'm a sophomore at Northwestern University. I enjoy finding simple solutions to the world's coolest problems.


The Hydrodoser

A gravity-powered hydraulic chemical dosing system which can be adapted for any flow rate.


Copper-Absorbing Barge

A styrofoam box with ground hyperaccumulators, arbscular mycorrizal fungi, and soil which absorbs 90 percent of copper in 2 weeks.


Omnidirectional Receiver of Cetacean Acoustics (ORCA)

A raspbery pi device which uses a convolutional neural network to detect dolphins within a radius around fishing boats to reduce dolphin bycatch.


Methane Bioreactor with Biochemical Oxygen Scavnegers

A bioreactor with cockroaches and termites which turns a day of 1 human's waste into 238.7L of biogas (cooking gas).